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Web development conveys the developing and designing a web-based application as well as the development consist of single-page applications. Web development majorly is accomplished as client-side scripting, server-side scripting, and database scripting.

Web development is known as programming or coding. It is the dynamic creation of web pages for websites. Reddit, yahoo, Wikipedia, facebook, youtube, google are the best web development websites.

A common introduction of programming /web development and coding.
Web development is easy to start with some functions of common languages like c, c++, HTML/CSS.

At the initial level of web development, it may become difficult but after the entire involvement of yourself, it is easy to evaluate the logic and fundamentals of programming. If you want to take as a career then you will sure about accepting new updates and the current phenomenon of web development. Programming/coding has always a new scenario. Coding base covers the various concept of programming like flow control, functions, structures, arrays & string, object & class, inheritance, pointers.

Web development has broad programming fields which consider many programming languages like java, python, javascript, CSS / HTML, c++, PHP, c, SQL, ruby.

In most cases, developers used to develop a website in PHP at the initial level. It is the most common language for web development. Php stands for the personal home page as well as it is also known as “Php: hypertext preprocessor” which is a server-side scripting language that is used for making dynamic web pages that can connect with databases. Php is an open-source language this is embedded with HTML.

The main advantages of PHP :

Open source:
No cost is required, PHP is open source so it is easy to install. Many PHP frameworks are available for developers, they can select any of the frameworks for work.

Platform independent:
The major benefit of PHP is supportive of all the operating systems of Windows, Unix, Linux, etc. User can easily run PHP web applications on any platform. Php Job In Rajkot

Simple and easy:
Php is simple to learn the coding. It has a clean coding structure and cleans so it helps new developers to understand programming also.

Php makes easily connected with the secure database connection. It consumes less time to connect to a database management system, the user can integrate multiple databases with PHP.

Php is stable languages as compared to other coding languages.

As per the survey of 2012 mashable article, PHP is a common language for business startup. Generally, web developer categorized in software developers or web developers. Php is a good selection for self-employed for career building as a developer.

A PHP developer’s job roles cover many tasks like web site administration, software testing. They make prototypes in PHP sometimes.